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Self-Assessment Questionnaire


The Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is one of the three main tools used to determine a company’s potential corporate responsibility risk. It is used in Phase Two of the Engagement Model.

The SAQ can assess either member’s own operations or a supplier’s. When the SAQ is used with suppliers, the results can be used to set the priority for further engaging suppliers in the other phases of the Engagement Model.

EICC has made a PDF sample of the SAQ available online.  A scorable version of the SAQ is maintained only in EICC-ON.


About the Self-Assessment Questionnaire
The intent of the questionnaire is to promote an open and constructive dialogue regarding best practices in the management of environmental and social responsibility. An honest and transparent company self-assessment represents a first step toward working to improve management systems and overall corporate responsibility performance. Members and suppliers demonstrate their continuous improvement through periodic updates of the questionnaire.

A member generally completes SAQ first for their own operations and then for their suppliers. A completed self-assessment questionnaire score primarily indicatesthe potential for risk but also provides an assessment of conformance to the EICC Code of Conduct. Risk potential is the determination of key facility characteristics (e.g., hazardous materials, contract workers) relevant to inherent risk parameters (e.g., likelihood, severity, exposure or inherent vulnerability). The risk can either be inherent in the company’s operations or program-related.

The SAQ is not intended to measure corporate responsibility performance. The output of the tool and associated scoring system do not necessarily indicate how well a company is managing its corporate responsibility risk. The tool can be used to identify the need for managing risk; however implementation of such opportunities may not necessarily impact assessment results.

Through self-assessment and training, a company (member) either starts or continues in their journey of continuous improvement. Even the most experienced companies (members) find enhancements that can be made to their business practices and programs.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire Framework
The SAQ utilizes a standardized list of questions to assess labor, ethics, health, safety and environmental practices in the supply chain. When utilized with suppliers, it raises their awareness about the importance of these areas, clarifies customer expectations, supports customer assessment of supplier’s characteristics and potential risks, and enables companies to evaluate, improve and communicate their performance.

Specific issues that fall under each area reflect the elements of the EICC Code of Conduct standards. These topics are also frequently found in many company supplier codes of conduct.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire Levels: Corporate and Facility Reporting
The SAQ is divided into two kinds of assessment: a Corporate Assessment and a Facility Assessment. These assess management of corporate responsibility issues across the company and within specific operations. A company would complete one Corporate Assessment and one or more Facility Assessments, depending on the structure of the company.

  • Corporate Self-Assessment - examines the business entity which owns or controls operations and/or the assets of other business entities (facilities). The Corporate Assessment examines the corporate headquarters.
  • Facility Self-Assessment - evaluates the specific facilities that make up the company. The Facility questionnaire examines site-specific conditions and processes which may contribute to various Ethics, Labor, Environmental or Health and Safety risks.