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EICC Working Groups

Most EICC activity takes place within EICC working groups. We also occasionally establish task forces and sub-groups to address emerging issues and specific projects within larger areas of work. These teams are made up of EICC members who provide industry-specific input for all activities.

Working groups are the driving force behind the initiatives of the EICC and create most of our tools and resources. Below is a list of EICC working groups, task forces and special initiatives.


Asia Network

Many electronics brands as well as much of the manufacturing in the electronics supply chain are located in Asia. The EICC has developed an Asia Network of member companies to address supply chain issues important to the Asia region. Topics addressed through the Asia Network include student workers. Contact Program Director Michael Rohwer for more information.

Environmental Sustainability

EICC members are concerned with their impact on the environment. The Environmental Sustainability Working Group creates tools and resources to achieve consistency in measurement and data gathering of supplier environmental performance, identify collaboration opportunities to make environmental improvements in the supply chain, and create and share best practices and tools to promote improvements of environmental performance and to provide leadership to enable performance improvements.

Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI)  

EICC is committed to improving conditions in the electronics supply chain and believes that mining activities that fuel conflict are unacceptable. The CFSI (formerly the Extractives Working Group) seeks to enable companies to source conflict-free minerals without excluding central Africa from the global minerals supply chain.

Learning and Capability Building (LCB)

We recognize that nonconformance to the EICC Code of Conduct is often due to a lack of knowledge, skills, or business case. The LCB Working Group aims to identify, develop, and implement capability building tools, resources, and practical initiatives for EICC member companies and their supply chains that build understanding of social and environmental responsibility fundamentals—with an emphasis on implementing strong management systems—and provide in-depth training around the most common issues and greatest concerns in the supply chain.


The task force's mission is to identify how to encourage transparency across the electronic supply chain in order to enhance implementation of the EICC Code of Conduct. This will be accomplished by developing recommendations for member and supply chain reporting requirements and for EICC tools and resources to assist members and suppliers in reporting activities. In developing the recommendations, the task force will engage external stakeholders that play a role in setting company reporting expectations and requirements. Contact Program Director Billy Grayson for more information.

Validated Audit Process

The Validated Audit Process (VAP) provides companies assurance in identifying risks and driving improvements and robust management systems for labor, ethics, health, safety, and environmental conditions in the Electronics supply chain. The VAP Working Group enhances and oversees the VAP process tools.

Working Hours

Many industries’ supply chains face the challenge of excessive working hours, and the electronics industry is no exception. The EICC has a special taskforce of members leading our short- and long-term approach to help our members bring down working hours in electronics manufacturing.