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The EICC organizes our activities around the common goal of promoting social, ethical, and environmental responsibility in the electronics supply chain. We aim to advance our members’ ability to address global issues and enable positive change. To that end, we have organized our activities around several main initiatives.

We believe that these initiatives and supporting tools represent the highest priority areas to meet our organizational mission. We are committed to supporting our members in their continuous improvement journeys and look forward to ongoing improvements in the global electronics supply chain.


EICC Initiative
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Assessment and Monitoring


The EICC focuses on assessment of a company’s corporate social responsibility risk around labor, health and safety, environment, ethics and underlying management systems. Through increasingly deeper levels or risk assessment, companies can understand where they meet the EICC standards and where there are gaps in their performance.


Capability Building


The EICC believes that building the capability of their members to address social and environmental issues in the supply chain is the best way to enable lasting change in the global electronics supply chain. Not all companies come to the EICC with extensive experience in corporate social responsibility, and the ones that do, are always looking to improve their performance. We offer different opportunities to learn and develop knowledge and encourage members to share that knowledge with their suppliers.


Environmental Sustainability


The EICC recognizes the need for the electronics companies to minimize their environmental footprint. While there are many areas of environmental concern, the EICC has chosen to focus initially on climate change, water usage and pollution, and through reporting and reducing carbon emissions.


Minerals Extraction


The sourcing of metals used in electronic products has come under increasing scrutiny by the public, governments, and nongovernmental organizations. The EICC has invested significant efforts to better understand issues around metals extraction in order to enable members to extending their influence throughout their supplier networks, including parts responsible for minerals extraction.


Stakeholder Engagement


The EICC’s broad variety of stakeholders provides necessary perspectives on issue in the global electronics supply chain and on our work.  We are committed to ongoing dialogue and collaboration. We also look to provide opportunities for stakeholders to engage in targeted efforts to improve social and environment conditions in our supply chain.


Working Hours


The electronics industry faces challenges with excessive working hours, as do many other industries. The EICC has conducted significant research on the issue, developing tools and resources for members to use in addressing the issue.



(Last Updated May 6, 2011)