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Membership Requirements


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Membership Requirements

EICC Applicant and Full Members are required to fulfill administrative and reporting requirements as outlined in the EICC Bylaws and Membership Compliance Program.

Requirements Overview

Prospective Member

  • Complete application and submit to Administrator
  • Provide a commitment letter, signed by a senior executive, showing your company’s willingness to support the EICC’s vision, mission, bylaws and member requirements. Letter must be included with application.
  • Board of Directors will review application and commitment letter. Once approved a prospective member becomes an Applicant Member

Applicant Member

  • Publically acknowledge the company’s inclusion in the EICC, within 30 days of membership acceptance.
  • Pay dues within 60 days of membership acceptance.
  • Submit a completed and scored corporate level SAQ within 90 days of membership acceptance.
  • Must become a Full member after two years, but can apply for Full membership status by submitting a formal request to the Board of Directors.
  • Voting privileges only apply to Full Members

Full Membership

  • Meet all Applicant member requirements.
  • Adopt the Code of Conduct.
  • Demonstrate progress toward conformance to the Code for member facilities and major suppliers as defined in the Membership Compliance Program.

Administrative Requirements (applicable to Applicant and Full members)

  • Pay annual dues in full by the published due date.
  • Actively participate in the EICC
  • Provide requested data per published timeline.
  • Read and understand Bylaws and membership requirements.


(Last updated August 8, 2011)